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How to Apply for U.S. Citizenship: How Do I Prepare and Submit My Application for U.S. Citizenship?

Jun 19, 2019 6:14:20 PM / by Aliro Immigration

American flag immigration u.s. citizenshipLiving and working in the United States are rewarding privileges that provide the platform for creating the life you imagine for yourself and your loved ones. Having lived in a country filled with opportunity for as long as you have, taking the next step and becoming a U.S. citizen is the natural progression. Aliro Immigration will simplify the process, eliminating the guesswork as you handle the basic requirements that accompany this life-changing decision. This step-by-step outline gives you instructions on how to apply for U.S. citizenship.


Can You Apply for U.S. Citizenship Online?

If you are a U.S. legal permanent resident (green card holder) aged 18 or older and meet the eligibility requirements for citizenship, you can file form N-400 online. This digital form makes things easier for you compared to filling out the paper version, which you would have to download and print before filling it out by hand.u.s. citizenship immigration laptop online

When you fill out the N-400 naturalization form online, you get better access and can be more diligent. Due to how elaborate the naturalization application is, it’s easy to make oversights and common errors while filling it out by hand. After all, the N-400 contains 18 parts, all of which need to be filled out accurately.

Aliro Immigration simplifies filling out the form online by guiding you through a simple question-and-answer process. The process ensures that every applicable portion of the application is accurately prepared. You will not be able to move to the next step unless you fill every non-optional question on your application for U.S. Citizenship. As a result, you ensure your application will be error-free, and USCIS will only accept your application if it is error-free. By guiding you through the application and helping you ensure your application is accurate, Aliro Immigration saves you time, money, and energy. 


What Do You Include in Your Application Packet for U.S. Citizenship? 

You will need a photocopy of each side of your U.S. Permanent Resident card (otherwise known as the Alien Registration card or green card). If you live outside the U.S., provide your two best identical, full-color, passport-size photographs as well as your name and Alien Registration Number. Write the number lightly on the backside of each photo with pencil before submission. Also, send a check or a money order for the application fee and the biometric services fee, which adds up to $725. If you are 75 years old (at least) or have applied under military provisions, you need not worry about the biometric services fee.

cytonn-photography-604680-unsplashAlong with those things, you should include copies of all required documents depending on your situation. If you have a spouse who is an American citizen, you must provide proof that he or she has been a citizen for at least three years. Acceptable evidence includes a birth certificate, U.S. passport as well as a certificate of citizenship or naturalization. You will also need to submit your current marriage certificate, tax information, and other items. If you were in a previous marriage, serve in the U.S. Military, or have a disability or a criminal record, there's documentation you will need to provide in each section. As long as everything is supplied, you will be given a fair review.

It isn’t mandatory to submit a cover letter along with your citizenship application. But, it highlights the special aspects of your application for others to see. These include factors such as a disability that needs special accommodations or a waiver of the English or civics exam requirements due to your age. It also adds extra tact to the process, allowing you to be more personable while summarizing your situation and making sure every document you listed is there. And, if you apply with Aliro Immigration, you will have a customized cover letter prepared for you.


What’s on the USCIS Form N-400 Application for U.S. Citizenship?

Due to its thoroughness, the application tries to save you the trouble before filling it out. Right away, it states that if your biological or legal adoptive mother is a U.S. citizen by birth or was naturalized before your 18th birthday, you may already be a citizen. If this is the case, visit the USCIS website for more information and fill out the N-600 form (certificate of citizenship) as an alternative. Completing a naturalization eligibility worksheet beforehand will help determine what your chances of gaining citizenship are before deciding whether or not to apply.

The N-400 includes information about your eligibility, including questions about whether you are a lawful permanent resident, married to a citizen or any other basis for your application. Subsequent general information questions about you or any loved ones are extensive, with 11 parts of the citizenship application dedicated to that alone. This area includes everything from your past job history to your time spent outside the United States to schools attended. It requires time and patience to examine everything. Plus, you might even find some questions a bit intrusive. However, Aliro Immigration assures you that you won't overlook anything while answering as truthfully as you can. Possible exemptions, as well as accommodations for special needs, are also detailed.

A subsequent statement, certification, and signature are needed to verify that everything you have submitted is legitimate. Signing the last three parts of this document will not be required until you have been selected for an interview, if at all. Those parts include a signature you will provide at the interview, any renunciation of foreign titles, and Oath of Allegiance information for your much-anticipated swearing-in ceremony.


How Do You Submit Your Application?

After finishing all those pages, you can submit your N-400 and all accompanying documentation to the USCIS Lockbox facility that serves your area. If you choose an alternative method such as mailing your application to a local USCIS office instead of taking it to them directly, they will not accept it.

You can file your application within 90 days of meeting the five-year period of continuous residence as a lawful permanent resident or three years if your spouse is an American citizen. Afterward, you can check the processing times as well as your application status. Following the review, you'll be notified about the granting or denial of your application. Also, they can leave the process open if they request additional information from you.

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